Psychology Colloquium: Consciousness – School of Psychology Psychology Colloquium: Consciousness – School of Psychology

Psychology Colloquium: Consciousness

Professor Jakob Hohwy, Monash University.


Professor Jakob Hohwy is the Director of the Monash Centre for Consciousness & Contemplative Studies. M3CS received a $12M philanthropic grant from the Three Springs Foundation. The Centre aims to conducts philosophical, neuroscientific and psychological research in consciousness and contemplative science. The Centre aims to make contemplative practices central to our conscious connection with each other and our environment, helping us better solve the many challenges the world confronts.

I conduct interdisciplinary research in the areas of philosophy, psychology, and neuroscience. In M3CS and in my Cognition & Philosophy Lab we study: the science of consciousness (what is consciousness, how does it arise in the brain, what is the nature of the self, how do contemplative practices change the mind and connect to action?); theoretical neurobiology (what are the foundational principles of brain function, what does that tell us about the human mind?); decision-making and rationality (what is rationality and how do we form rational decisions, how can decisions be wise, or compassionate?); psychiatry and neurology (understanding conditions such as autism, substance abuse, eating disorders, borderline personality disorder, Parkinson’s disease). I collaborate with neuroscientists and psychologists from Monash University and around the world.

This is a Hybrid event so you can join in person or via the Webinar link below:

HEYDON LAURENCE LECTURE THEATRE 217 (DT ANDERSON) (You are encouraged to please wear a mask if attending in person)

Webinar Link:



The event is finished.


Sep 02 2022


3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

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